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You smell Dude!

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Northern Dancer, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist


    upload_2017-7-24_17-52-53.png You smell Dude!

    I definitely do no subscribe to the idea of not washing, cleaning teeth and shaving while on a trip. It's okay for a day or two or when you are in an all out race to get to a particular destination. But after two days? Try two weeks. The reality is uncleanliness begins to kill morale among the troops and fosters sloppy habits. Guys know what I meant right?

    So do it right - embrace the wilderness in a manly fashion and ditch the dumb stuff with the excuse we are roughing it. Baden Powell of the Scout Movement suggested the only people who rough it are the amateurs. Remember the days we use to put the fire out by???????

    The standards? No washing of anything in the water especially your hair and bod. If you are going to wash your hair do it off shore away from the water. Use the right products if you are a serious camper.

    This is my tripping kit ----->


    Underarm deodorant, brush and shave cream, tooth brush and paste, skin cream, hair brush, razor and lip gloss, and (a broken) bar of body soap/shampoo. None of the products (other than the tooth paste) have bear attractants. These are all packed into a small water proof pouch.

    I also use a modern towel and wash cloth that takes up little space and drys quickly.

    Another product that I bring along with biodegradable paper and a hand sanitizer.
    AND ANOTHER THING...cooking food?
    Wash or sanitize your hands before you begin.

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