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Hi There! from EXPLORE! in Oregon

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ExplorePathfinder, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. I've been poking around the forum and it seems to want me to introduce myself so here goes . . .

    I've been a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Explorer and family camper over too many years to mention. I never could sit still long enough for fishing nor did I ever have the patience for hunting although hiking and canoeing have been great ways to get from one place to another. Anyway, after retiring from the U.S. Forest Service (in a mostly office job), I decided to coax myself into getting outdoors and exploring more by creating an e-magazine. That allows me to create articles with photos and videos to illustrate various places and adventures that others might like to try. Readers can comment back and forth about any article, but it's not like this forum where you can create your own topics to discuss. The purpose of the e-magazine is to get people (including me) outdoors more, for our health and fitness.

    Recently my emagazine "Global Creations EXPLORE!" partnered with Camping Babble to offer my readers a great camping forum without having to manage one myself. Hopefully some of my readers will venture into your discussions! You are invited to see what EXPLORE! has to offer and perhaps it will provide fodder for further discussions here.

    You are especially invited to register for our free "Discover Club." Just by registering you get free access to several ebooks. One, about historical exploration, I wrote and the others I put into PDF format so you can download them to read at your leisure. You also get the option to subscribe to our weekly email "Outdoor News" and to subscribe to get our every-other-day blog posts by email - if you'd rather not have to visit the website to get them. If you need things to talk about around the campfire, or here in the forum, check it out.

    I have also published The Mushroom Growers Newsletter for commercial mushroom farmers every month for over 22 years. I didn't really retire - I just switched jobs.
  2. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. Hope you will join in and share some of your outdoorsy wisdom with us and provide comments on other members posts. It is always fun to hear the rambling babbling of another fun loving camper and hear more stories of their experiences. Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

    BMWPOWER Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome Jerry, I can see you love being involved with nature. This is the place for you. Looking forward to your future experiences
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